Is it still September?

Barely. I am awfully aware that this post has taken me longer than I had planned. But then, it just means I have much more to catch up. I should really write more so I would not have such a long monthly updates. Which way you prefer? I have neglected my own dollies for quite... Continue Reading →


December recap

Or can I call this a recap while this December is only half way through? It has been a productive month. There are changes in my personal life so there has been some extra time to use for sewing projects. So happy about that fact. I also feel that while it has been somewhat quiet... Continue Reading →

November greetings

I wonder how I have managed to forget how fun it is to make photoshoot set-ups, take photos of my dear dolls and see how the pictures turn out (especially nice if the photos turn out nicely, although not always the case ^^;) In any case I think I have rediscovered the joy of that... Continue Reading →

(Mid)summer time

Hello hello! ~ After a little bit cold Midsummer in Central Finland I have returned with some sales┬áitems.┬áI was able to catch up with some of my old stuffs - pullip / blythe sized food things and some barbie furniture which I have been meaning to take photos of to post them up for sale.... Continue Reading →

Chai Latte time

Meet the newest Tsukifly custom Pullip - Chai Latte~! In mocha skin color she is my most peculiar creation so far. Her eyebrows are shaped like thin tree branches (in black), eyelashes have feathers and her eyes have black heart pupils. Her Leekeworld Royal Gray wig creates a contrast against her dark face-up and skin.... Continue Reading →

November and MSD dresses

Happy Halloween! Did you have a scary night? Trick or Treat? As the cold nights of November sneak in Finland has turned clocks backwards one hour to welcome the winter time. This week we were promised snow for the whole country(!) True to that word looking outside just now reveals a slight snowstorm outside my... Continue Reading →

Arrival of autumn

I feel I haven't been out enough. I am looking to remedy the situation in the coming few weeks as the splendor of colors is raging outside. What a lovely autumn weather! Chilly and sunny with dry leaves in red, yellow and orange colors. Besides spring, autumn is my other favorite season. Regarding the kimono... Continue Reading →

Monthly Update: August

Fresh start after the holiday travels around the country? I would expect so. At least my writing desk is full of sketches. In addition I have acquired some vintage laces and fabrics which I plan to use for some of the new designs. This month is also dedicated for a particular size - Lillycat Cerisedolls.... Continue Reading →

Monthly update: July

Time for another summer month full of news. I feel quite productive and inspired during summer so have to take advantage of that fact. Pullip plans With completion of the first Tsukifly Custom Pullip Sarinna I got a boost to complete certain other sketches I had previously left in the drawers of my writing desk...... Continue Reading →

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