November greetings

I wonder how I have managed to forget how fun it is to make photoshoot set-ups, take photos of my dear dolls and see how the pictures turn out (especially nice if the photos turn out nicely, although not always the case ^^;)

In any case I think I have rediscovered the joy of that aspect of the doll hobby. The only things I am lacking is generally the time and as the winter is knocking on the door, the natural light. So I need to adjust to the yellow and warm light emitted by the the various lamps scattered around my little personal nest.

During the weekend I took a “proper” photoshoot (which I haven’t done for a very long time) and the reason was to get some pictures of the Vintage Bunny set, now available on Etsy. However, few pictures really surprised me, including the fact that Tori fits in well with those vintage pieces (grandma’s old lamp, tiny picture frame and an old decorative pillow). Nothing particularly specially in the pictures but I just felt so happy. So much so I just want to mention it here as well.


One of the photoshoot pictures (few more on Flickr). The set includes four pieces (vintage corset, bloomers, bunny headdress and black lace stockings) with an option to include that cute fluffy Bukowski bear (an angel bear!) with the set.

I have also made a mess of my table yet again. I have finished a new custom Pullip. She got orange eyes with star pupils and clear glass domes. Super cute with Leekeworld carrot wig and mocha skin color. Pretty pleased with the face-up too. Only thing left is to finish her dress, working on it now although somehow slow progress. Or I just feel so as I do many things at the same time (multitasking o_o)? (read more below).


There is also this Tsukifly Autumn knitted scarf. I completed it over the last weekend, just got around to take the pictures. The model is my Aya (Luts Soo Dark Elf) and I just love how she looks in these winter garments. She is also wearing a Tsukifly cat hat. Ready for a winter outing? Can I make the snow fall from the sky for this picture?

Outline of the month:

  • Vintage Bunny MSD set – ok
  • Knitted scarf – ok
  • Pullip custom full set Akiko – mocha skin – ok

So I am pretty happy of the outcome.  And I won’t even start on those sd dresses I am working on…

Tsukifly Custom Pullip Akiko

Continuing from above. She is now completed, finally. Named as Akiko, autumn’s child to reflect the time but also her colors. Cute and delicious combination goes well with her mocha skin although I must say I am not too happy with the light in the listing pictures. If the weather is already gloomy outside, the available light is even less than the usual. I need to figure out some solution for that.


Nevertheless, she is precious little girl up for adoption. Her OOAK dress consists of three pieces, headpiece (pink bow ties on top of each others), upper part and a frosted skirt part. I kinda feel the dress could be edible, candy colors – pink & white. She will come with a glass jar, where there are small red stones (look like candies?). These stones have holes in the middle so they are also suitable for grafting should you wish to use them.

I hope you like the new Etsy updates and thank you for the support for Tsukifly!


(Mid)summer time

Hello hello! ~


After a little bit cold Midsummer in Central Finland I have returned with some sales items. I was able to catch up with some of my old stuffs – pullip / blythe sized food things and some barbie furniture which I have been meaning to take photos of to post them up for sale. Fully equipped kitchen set, some random food supplies, bed with linen and so on. Further details still need to be sorted out for sales. Perfect for your Pullip kitchen plan?Papillon de nuit there as a size comparison ~

I have also mentioned few unfinished project dresses. Finally they have been completed and now up on Etsy.

First is the Pullip / pureneemo / Blythe sized turquoise summer dress. Paper flower details, tulle, lace and pearls. Base dress is made out of satine like turquoise fabric.

Next one is layered dress for Pullips (and will also fit Blythe / pureneemo). The dress has three parts, lace under top, tulle upper skirt with japanese fabric decorative waist part and light beige lace under skirt. The dress will come with a flower headband. Perfect for the lovely summer.

Turquoise summer dress and layered dress are both now on Etsy.

With this lovely summer day I took Chai Latte outside and updated some Etsy pictures.



Chai Latte time

Meet the newest Tsukifly custom Pullip – Chai Latte~!SAM_4799

In mocha skin color she is my most peculiar creation so far. Her eyebrows are shaped like thin tree branches (in black), eyelashes have feathers and her eyes have black heart pupils.

Her Leekeworld Royal Gray wig creates a contrast against her dark face-up and skin. Tsukifly dress set included with her has four pieces: a black choker and is otherwise in light tones with a  light beige petticoat, a white lace top and an upper skirt with its waist details made out of Japanese kimono fabric. A more detailed dress where the upper skirt is attached like a corset – ribbon going through tiny lace holes.

Find her from Etsy.

Also, those tulle & lace skirts I mentioned in my last post are up on Etsy. They fit for Lillycat, MSD and Unoa/MNF sizes and there are three skirts available for now. Please find them here.

Additionally there are some headdresses I am finished with along with those I have mentioned previously. Thank you for your support so far!


November and MSD dresses

Happy Halloween! Did you have a scary night? Trick or Treat?

As the cold nights of November sneak in Finland has turned clocks backwards one hour to welcome the winter time. This week we were promised snow for the whole country(!) True to that word looking outside just now reveals a slight snowstorm outside my windows.

I have been feeling inspired lately but it would be wonderful to have more time for sewing/customs – perhaps an extra time reserve for just sewing, designing etc. related to Tsukifly, commissions and customs? Now I have to deal with what little I have over the weekend while I would have tons of designs and plans I would like to work on.

The previous blog post was quite scarce  what comes to pictures (although I added some afterwards) so in this post you will see more pictures. Some of you may remember my theme for the MSD size a month or so back. If so, you may have been wondering where are those promised MSD pieces. Well. I mentioned something unexpected came up but now I have completed few dresses in this promised MSD size. That means they fit for most MSDs such as Luts, Soom, Dollmore and Volks. Teasers here and dress sets on Etsy.

Closer description of MSD dresses

First dress set has been made with Luts Kid Delf Romantic bust as a model so that it can fit for both small chest and large bust MSD girls. The design is somewhat similar to what has been seen a few years back at Dolliverse. A design I really like while it is also quite SAMSUNG CSCfunctional (if I may say so!). Signature Tsukifly bunny headdress will come along with this lovely pink themed dress with eye-catching details (note black/white striped ribbons in front of the dress.) Mostly hand-sewn because of its various details. Lined from the inside. Ribbons to tighten the dress on the back side, otherwise left open so it will fit nicely on an extra petticoat for extra puffy look.

Second dress has an upper part made of cute yellow/violet polka dot fabric with lace and ribbon details. The skirt part has two layers made of airy light pink fabric as well as another polka dot fabric with reverse color combination. A separate tulle petticoat or a cute flower headband may complement the set nicely. This set will fit for Slim MSD/Unoa and MNF size.


About the new Tsukifly Pullip custom – Papillon de nuit

The themes of the newest Tsukifly Custom Pullip are butterflies and moths. She is fair skin color with dark face-up and other details as well as dark/brown colored Tsukifly dress set. Quite a contrast to those three sets seen previously. Perhaps some inspiration had to do with the Halloween?

What might have delayed her completion time is the funny thing with my carpet. It appears to have swallowed some of the small pieces I had meant for the set. A fluffy Bermuda triangle like my dear friend described? A pair of my rings having surfaced from this triangle just a while ago I have hope those small pieces will soon be re-discovered.

No, really. It was just a matter of getting everything done. Now I am pleased to inform that the complete set is available in Etsy. Personally her dark look and striking eyes are among my favorites from the Pullip customs I have made so far. I hope you will like her! Please meet Papillon de nuit, fourth OOAK Tsukifly custom pullip in fair skin.


Kimono set for Etsy – in progress

Another kimono set almost complete with light lining is finally properly in progress. This is in Lillycat Cerisedolls size. The fabric is lovely orange/red color and the combination makes me want to keep it. However, I made a promise to myself to keep only one of the two. Other set will be available through Etsy. My aim is to complete it perhaps during the next weekend. Then I need to make the decision on which one to keep for Freya. A hard one.

SAMSUNG CSC A visiting star: Nomu [Leekeworld Kiko]
Idaheika‘s Nomu has been around for few commissions.

One cute tanuki she is and here is the commissioned Miko outfit. Also I am grateful for Idaheika to have faith in my sewing work as well as my visions when it comes to the execution of the commissions. Thank you! One complete set was seen already in one  of my previous posts. Now the second one has been completed. Knee-length dress set (a miko-outfit) with a white kimono jacket and a pleated red skirt. Few snap fasteners for the backside. All and all I am very happy how it turned out. Now it is only missing a cute ribbon thing from the front of the dress – perhaps of white lace?

The dress itself would need a moment of gentle ironing to settle down the seams of the kimono and skirt. Still to be completed.

Other dolly related news:

Recently I had a pleasure to do few trades with fellow doll hobbyists and I got some lovely items for my girls. Usually when I say something is for someone in particular that will not be the case. My girls seem to share (read: steal) each other’s things without further regrets SAMSUNG CSC(haha). Anyway,  two things seem to have been settled. Tori got a jacket – finally, she has waited for something suitable for too many years and Vanamo got a pair of lovely eyes, they even have small seashells in them!

Next I am on a quest to find some shoes for Freya and Lunetta. For some reasons their feet are of tricky size. It seems Lunetta might actually get a pair of brownish shoes to start with. She can’t go out without proper shoes! Nor can Freya for the time being. Especially if the snow will stay around.

I shall reappear with new projects once I have properly documented and finished the current ones. Stay tuned!

Arrival of autumn

I feel I haven’t been out enough. I am looking to remedy the situation in the coming few weeks as the splendor of colors is raging outside. What a lovely autumn weather! Chilly and sunny with dry leaves in red, yellow and orange colors. Besides spring, autumn is my other favorite season.29679804551_3f66dc2373_z

Regarding the kimono projects. I have cut fabrics for two long kimonos but so far I have managed to finish only one. The other one is coming together at a later stage. I still need to select a lining fabric for it. The other one would be in need of some ironing to settle the seams properly. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the first outcome. It suits Freya well.

For the chilly autumn weather and for the coming winter I found a yarn of fluffy grey thread from which I have knitted three wool hats for Etsy. Completely handmade. Three hats in three different sizes. In tiny/MSD, Lillycat/SD and Pullip/Leeke Art-doll. Finishing touches are with small bells and different ribbons and tassels. A great piece to complement any coat in a chilly weather. Take a closer look at Etsy and below.

With regard to many of my near-future plans I need to conclude that several of them have been put on hold because of other issues. However, I haven’t been completely idle either. Newest acquisition for Tsukifly is a Volks mannequin to display some of the SD outfits and jewellery for Etsy. A great thing for the complete outfit sets.

Happy to tell that Huurre has been dispatched towards her new home. Now I may start preparations for another complete custom Pullip set. Theme will be a butterfly. Quite a few things will need to be tested before there will be any pictures coming. About the schedule I may say that by the end of the month there should be teasers up. Her skintone will be fair, like Huurre was. Later there are plans for more Mocha skinned customs as well.

I aim to complete some commissions as well. So there might be picture post coming up in few weeks to complement this one picture info post. Please keep checking for that.



Monthly Update: August

Fresh start after the holiday travels around the country?

I would expect so. At least my writing desk is full of sketches. In addition I have acquired some vintage laces and fabrics which I plan to use for some of the new designs. This month is also dedicated for a particular size – Lillycat Cerisedolls. This means that majority of new Etsy additions during this month will be in that size. The next month is for a regular MSD size which some of you may have hoped for some time already.

Certain very lace filled dresses / outfit pieces coming!

Latest Etsy additions: Tsukifly Lillycat Gold framed dream dress set 

This dress set includes a one-piece dress with a corset-style upper part made of il_570xN.1068887837_pfmp
black&gold pattern fabric. Details are with different laces and ribbons. The skirt part consists of two layers of airy black&gold lace. The back of the skirt is left open and may be widened to show more or less of the underlying separate black tulle skirt. Fastening is with a black ribbon and a line of snap fasteners (3 corresponding pieces).

Launch of Tsukifly Vintage Line 

I am rather proud to tell you that I got carried away by this prevailing vintage boom. Good thing? Yes. Having acquired some pretty nice vintage fabric pieces I have done some work to take them apart and turn them into unique Tsukifly pieces.

First was my recent find of a lovely white fabric with flower embellishments. Patterns are embroidered on the fabric and I thought I cannot miss the chance to use it for some lovely upper parts. Thus, two pieces of corset tops. As you may remember each Tsukifly product is OOAK and although these may (at first glance) seem the same they are not. First, the one pictured under the other is in Lillycat size with lower and rounder edge. The other is more smooth on the edge and in regular MSD size. To complement the set there may be a yo-sd corset top still to come. Previously it has been common to have certain pieces in three different sizes. Check the two of them in Etsy.


Coming soon: Tsukifly Custom Pullip Huurre

Another news is to tell that the third Tsukifly Custom Pullip is going to be finished rather soon. She is in fair normal skin with white theme. Currently I am still working on latausher box and some additional things. Pictures will follow soon. A teaser to give you an idea ~

Certain finishing will follow on her face-up still, so not a final picture of her. The plan is that the set will include doll, white wig, Tsukifly dress set, shoes and accessories. This follows the pattern of the two previous complete custom sets: Sarinna and Éclair.

Other plans on the table – Dress set in SD/SD13

As I mentioned I have plenty of sketches to try out. However, the time available is limited. I can tell that I am building a crimson red outfit set for SD/SD13 size with several pieces. An underskirt and top, one-piece upper dress, choker and arm pieces. As the plan is there are in reality two dresses in one as the underskirt and top can be used together without other pieces of the set.

To summarize, the coming months seem to be full of plans and things to be completed. I advise you to keep a sharp eye on Etsy as the shop is updated with new pieces.

Monthly update: July

Time for another summer month full of news. I feel quite productive and inspired during summer so have to take advantage of that fact.


Aya (CP Soo Dark Elf) will celebrate her 10-year anniversary next year.

Pullip plans

With completion of the first Tsukifly Custom Pullip Sarinna I got a boost to complete certain other sketches I had previously left in the drawers of my writing desk… Then came the second custom in lovely Mocha Skin: Éclair. The third will be another fair skinned little beauty: Huurre. My estimation to complete her is by the end of this month.

Another Pullip related news is a dress set without a doll. One piece long dress with a cute and unique bunny headdress. I can confirm that these dress sets will be a rarity within Etsy as I have decided to focus on full custom sets. For now. However, occasional exceptions may be made and then they are sure to appear around Etsy.

A dress set for Leeke Art-body


I have had this dress on my table for a month now. Finally it is completed. A custom set for Leeke Art-body. Also a present for this girl as she has been my model without objections.

There is also a minty cotton lace dress made for this size. Once I have time to finish it entirely it will be available through Etsy. More news on that will follow later.

More MNF / Unoa sized clothing

I have got inquiries after this size for a while. Well, with a modelil_570xN.1045917465_a93u (Lunetta) and a bit of inspiration it has been fairly easy to complete few more demanding clothing sets for summer. First was Alice within Alice dress set, already mentioned in my previous post. Secondly, may I present a full lace ballerina dress. It consists of two separate pieces, a ballerina corset top and a lace skirt. Fitted for Unoa / MNF / slim MSD – small bust. It is a delicate and delightful set to make any girl a beautiful ballerina. Both pieces may also be used separately so it is a great mix & match set as well. The main color of the dress is off-white. The corset has been made of several layers while the skirt is topped with few layers of tulle under the lace layer. Both pieces are without a finished lining but neatly put together.

With a thing for laces and ribbons there may be more of these ballerina style dresses coming in future. In Lillycat Cerisedolls size for example. A hint of future plans. Find this white lace dream Ballerina set in Etsy.

I am currently finishing a new MNF / Unoa dress for Etsy. Still considering certain SAMSUNG CSCadditional pieces I may include with it. Or then it may be only the dress. A glimpse of minty/green/gold to give you an idea what to expect. This babydoll -style dress with its flower detail will be available in Etsy later this month.

Coming soon – Etsy

Before I will update new items in Etsy most of them will be mentioned in this blog prior to their listing. Thus I would advise to keep an eye on the blog to have an idea what is to be expected ~

In addition to the babydoll dress and the new custom Pullip I can already say that few other items will be available as well. Most of them are from stock I have completed previously but haven’t had the possibility to add in Etsy.

At least a mix & match over-knee skirt made of the same lovely patterned fabric which has been used for the upper part of the babydoll dress, an tiny shirt for Dust of Dolls and doll jewelry pieces. Keep an eye on updates and Etsy ~ !

My warm thank you for all the support you have given me! Especially with regard to the launch of the Tsukifly Etsy shop!~