About Tsukifly: Tsukifly is mainly a doll clothing brand officially founded in May 2013 although traces of its existence can be found starting from 2005 when the creator of Tsukifly started her doll hobby. Since then Tsukifly brand has been represented physically in Europe (Dolliverse) and in Asia (IDOLL). Tsukifly is also found in Etsy.

Under Tsukifly label I create OOAK dress sets, accessories and other mix and match clothing pieces for different sized BJDs. Occassional clothing has been made in Pullip size as well. Each Tsukifly piece is handmade (by hand with different degrees of machine sewing) and the key feature of Tsukifly clothing is defined to be the usage of pattern fabrics and colours.

In general a Ball Jointed doll refers to any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints as defined in Wikipedia. They are predominantly produced in Japan, South Korea and China although several artist cast dolls such as Lillycat Cerisedolls are found in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

My doll collection is a product of changing taste and ideas. It currently consists of 8 dolls. Additional to my doll family there is a ball-jointed creature Elafi (Dollzone Big-Dipper).

BJD Dolls in their order of arrival and the size they model for.

  • Aya (Cerberus-Project Soo Dark Elf) SD/SD13
  • Tori (Dollmore Cherry Dream Torrie LE30) MSD
  • Vanamo (Volks Kurumi + Ariadoll body) SD/SD13
  • Hisa (Volks Lorina + Ariadoll body) SD/SD13
  • Rein (Volks DD Saber + DDS body) Dollfie Dream
  • Freya (Lillycat Cerisedolls Ellana) Cerisedolls
  • Junia (Soom Juchy) Soom Faery
  • Yuiko (Unoa Elder Ange) MNF/Unoa/Slim MSD

Additionally I make dolls custom e.g. Pullips and Dals. I also have an Azone Pureneemo Aika, Riri and Blythe, Mella as my models.

Personally I have always been interested in costume design, fashion and sewing. I prefer making my designs in small scale with tiny details and thus my designs have come to life in various BJD sizes.

Over the years Tsukifly has also had several visiting models. Most recently Bubbla (Zouh Spün by Dust of Dolls) and Konomi (Kiko by DollLeeke) which represent sizes that are more rare in the doll world. Thus Tsukifly designs are made available in rare sizes as well.

Do you take commissions? My answer to this depends on how a ‘commission’ is defined. What I mean is, that in general, I prefer to create OOAK dresses of my own design and therefore I will not take commissions that would require me to follow a certain design made by someone else. However, I am open to more ‘free’ commissions where we agree on certain framework (colors, type, size) within which I am allowed to design the rest of the piece. Additionally I can re-create certain OOAK pieces in different sizes if commissioned to do so, but if a certain design is already made in SD size I will not re-create the piece in the same size.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope Tsukifly creations are to your liking!

Copyright: Everything (pictures, writings and designs) in my posts are likely to be of my own production. If no reference to somewhere else is made then assume its my own. Additionally I would appreciate you do not copy the pictures, contents or designs or post them elsewhere without permission. I rather not find such practice.


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