Monthly Update: August

Fresh start after the holiday travels around the country?

I would expect so. At least my writing desk is full of sketches. In addition I have acquired some vintage laces and fabrics which I plan to use for some of the new designs. This month is also dedicated for a particular size – Lillycat Cerisedolls. This means that majority of new Etsy additions during this month will be in that size. The next month is for a regular MSD size which some of you may have hoped for some time already.

Certain very lace filled dresses / outfit pieces coming!

Latest Etsy additions: Tsukifly Lillycat Gold framed dream dress set 

This dress set includes a one-piece dress with a corset-style upper part made of il_570xN.1068887837_pfmp
black&gold pattern fabric. Details are with different laces and ribbons. The skirt part consists of two layers of airy black&gold lace. The back of the skirt is left open and may be widened to show more or less of the underlying separate black tulle skirt. Fastening is with a black ribbon and a line of snap fasteners (3 corresponding pieces).

Launch of Tsukifly Vintage Line 

I am rather proud to tell you that I got carried away by this prevailing vintage boom. Good thing? Yes. Having acquired some pretty nice vintage fabric pieces I have done some work to take them apart and turn them into unique Tsukifly pieces.

First was my recent find of a lovely white fabric with flower embellishments. Patterns are embroidered on the fabric and I thought I cannot miss the chance to use it for some lovely upper parts. Thus, two pieces of corset tops. As you may remember each Tsukifly product is OOAK and although these may (at first glance) seem the same they are not. First, the one pictured under the other is in Lillycat size with lower and rounder edge. The other is more smooth on the edge and in regular MSD size. To complement the set there may be a yo-sd corset top still to come. Previously it has been common to have certain pieces in three different sizes. Check the two of them in Etsy.


Coming soon: Tsukifly Custom Pullip Huurre

Another news is to tell that the third Tsukifly Custom Pullip is going to be finished rather soon. She is in fair normal skin with white theme. Currently I am still working on latausher box and some additional things. Pictures will follow soon. A teaser to give you an idea ~

Certain finishing will follow on her face-up still, so not a final picture of her. The plan is that the set will include doll, white wig, Tsukifly dress set, shoes and accessories. This follows the pattern of the two previous complete custom sets: Sarinna and Éclair.

Other plans on the table – Dress set in SD/SD13

As I mentioned I have plenty of sketches to try out. However, the time available is limited. I can tell that I am building a crimson red outfit set for SD/SD13 size with several pieces. An underskirt and top, one-piece upper dress, choker and arm pieces. As the plan is there are in reality two dresses in one as the underskirt and top can be used together without other pieces of the set.

To summarize, the coming months seem to be full of plans and things to be completed. I advise you to keep a sharp eye on Etsy as the shop is updated with new pieces.


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