Monthly update: July

Time for another summer month full of news. I feel quite productive and inspired during summer so have to take advantage of that fact.

Aya (CP Soo Dark Elf) will celebrate her 10-year anniversary next year.

Pullip plans

With completion of the first Tsukifly Custom Pullip Sarinna I got a boost to complete certain other sketches I had previously left in the drawers of my writing desk… Then came the second custom in lovely Mocha Skin: Éclair. The third will be another fair skinned little beauty: Huurre. My estimation to complete her is by the end of this month.

Another Pullip related news is a dress set without a doll. One piece long dress with a cute and unique bunny headdress. I can confirm that these dress sets will be a rarity within Etsy as I have decided to focus on full custom sets. For now. However, occasional exceptions may be made and then they are sure to appear around Etsy.

A dress set for Leeke Art-body


I have had this dress on my table for a month now. Finally it is completed. A custom set for Leeke Art-body. Also a present for this girl as she has been my model without objections.

There is also a minty cotton lace dress made for this size. Once I have time to finish it entirely it will be available through Etsy. More news on that will follow later.

More MNF / Unoa sized clothing

I have got inquiries after this size for a while. Well, with a modelil_570xN.1045917465_a93u (Lunetta) and a bit of inspiration it has been fairly easy to complete few more demanding clothing sets for summer. First was Alice within Alice dress set, already mentioned in my previous post. Secondly, may I present a full lace ballerina dress. It consists of two separate pieces, a ballerina corset top and a lace skirt. Fitted for Unoa / MNF / slim MSD – small bust. It is a delicate and delightful set to make any girl a beautiful ballerina. Both pieces may also be used separately so it is a great mix & match set as well. The main color of the dress is off-white. The corset has been made of several layers while the skirt is topped with few layers of tulle under the lace layer. Both pieces are without a finished lining but neatly put together.

With a thing for laces and ribbons there may be more of these ballerina style dresses coming in future. In Lillycat Cerisedolls size for example. A hint of future plans. Find this white lace dream Ballerina set in Etsy.

I am currently finishing a new MNF / Unoa dress for Etsy. Still considering certain SAMSUNG CSCadditional pieces I may include with it. Or then it may be only the dress. A glimpse of minty/green/gold to give you an idea what to expect. This babydoll -style dress with its flower detail will be available in Etsy later this month.

Coming soon – Etsy

Before I will update new items in Etsy most of them will be mentioned in this blog prior to their listing. Thus I would advise to keep an eye on the blog to have an idea what is to be expected ~

In addition to the babydoll dress and the new custom Pullip I can already say that few other items will be available as well. Most of them are from stock I have completed previously but haven’t had the possibility to add in Etsy.

At least a mix & match over-knee skirt made of the same lovely patterned fabric which has been used for the upper part of the babydoll dress, an tiny shirt for Dust of Dolls and doll jewelry pieces. Keep an eye on updates and Etsy ~ !

My warm thank you for all the support you have given me! Especially with regard to the launch of the Tsukifly Etsy shop!~ 



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