Summer breeze

May and the beginning of June have been like a summer breeze, slightly hot swiftly gone. well. Summer with its hot temperatures has arrived to Finland as well. I also had a pleasure to have a taste of summer in Japan, Osaka a week or two earlier, before its arrival. The trip to Japan meant... Continue Reading →


Happy Easter!

I don't have concept of time... It has been over a month but I wanted to gather around a bit more in one go. At the beginning of April we had a great doll meet (it has been a while!), I have been updating Etsy (although not as much as I planned) and even taken... Continue Reading →

Breath of spring

Hello Hello, Spring has arrived. More light and more energy to go around. I had some extra hours one lucky Friday,  it was still a bit chilly. The remaining snow had hardened so it was able to carry my weight as I explored in lands of Botanical Garden. As this is the yard open for... Continue Reading →

White frost

Hello and greeting from the Snowy winter wonderland! I must say winter has its own beautiful sides, spring has brought amazing sunlight. That reflected from the white snow cover, what can I say? I welcome such brightness. It makes me feel cheerful. I love to see frost flowers glimmer in the sunlight. What it means... Continue Reading →

October was for Lillycat size

The header tells it pretty well. During October my sewing table was mainly filled with fabric pieces aiming to complete dresses in Lillycat size. Still there are few unfinished but I am slowly getting there. Do you know it when you have an amazing plan and it does not quite work out the way you... Continue Reading →

Is it still September?

Barely. I am awfully aware that this post has taken me longer than I had planned. But then, it just means I have much more to catch up. I should really write more so I would not have such a long monthly updates. Which way you prefer? I have neglected my own dollies for quite... Continue Reading →

Summer turning towards Autumn

Hiya everyone! It has been a rather hot summer, even in Finland. My solution was to seek lower weather temperatures from Northern Finland but I am afraid I did not succeed in that very well. It appeared to be even more hot there during the time I was around... Oh well. I had a wonderful... Continue Reading →

Summer Holidays!

Happy Summer Everyone! It has been quite hot and sunny weather in Finland for several weeks now. Why travel South when it appears the best weather is around your home corners? It is common for Finns to go for their summer cottages during summer. Midsummer and holiday periods, when possible. So far I have been... Continue Reading →

May recap

Time for the all inclusive May update! I have completed several sewing projects over the last months so again an image heavy recap of everything is about to follow. Additionally it seems my writing schedule has shifted from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. Personally I think its functioning better... Continue Reading →

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