Tsukifly spring updates

With the lovely sunshine over the weekend mornings I ventured out of the bed early to have a photoshoot with Freya. Some of the Tsukifly creations got updated pictures. Like the above Black/Gold framed dress. I have kept mentioning this walolita outfit in some of my previous posts and finally, here it is. It is... Continue Reading →


On the pages of a magazine

Its lovely how the sunshine seems to wake you up from the long slumber of the dark winter. It feels like you can do so much more with the light around. It is different to take photos with natural light than to try to figure out how to make it work with artificial means. I... Continue Reading →

Gosick ゴシック by Kazuki Sakuraba

I have decided on a new approach with the blog. I shall update once a week with a new post on something dolly related. Tsukifly/Etsy updates will still come once a month. Thus, there will be three updates per month, one of which is guaranteed sewing/Etsy/Tsukifly related. Gosick ゴシック A great new discovery! Gosick (ゴシック)... Continue Reading →

Tsukifly 2017 lauch

First update for the year 2017! It is white and snowy outside and few snapshots of the recent updates for Tsukifly Etsy shop were just taken. Few winter accessories. Fluffy and cute headdresses and hats. I did post preview pictures of the products already in my previous post but since I did not have my... Continue Reading →

A comprehensive Etsy update

This time it appears I made my monthly update a bit too early. The past two weekends have been quite productive for me. Tsukifly Etsy shop will grow in the amount of unique clothing pieces on offer. Rightly so for the coming Christmas market if you think commercially? And I know there will be more to... Continue Reading →

November and MSD dresses

Happy Halloween! Did you have a scary night? Trick or Treat? As the cold nights of November sneak in Finland has turned clocks backwards one hour to welcome the winter time. This week we were promised snow for the whole country(!) True to that word looking outside just now reveals a slight snowstorm outside my... Continue Reading →

Arrival of autumn

I feel I haven't been out enough. I am looking to remedy the situation in the coming few weeks as the splendor of colors is raging outside. What a lovely autumn weather! Chilly and sunny with dry leaves in red, yellow and orange colors. Besides spring, autumn is my other favorite season. Regarding the kimono... Continue Reading →

September update

Since my last update there has been lots of fun and new ideas and creations. On the working table this month we have (to start with): Leeke art-body commission (2/3 completed), a sleeveless MSD Polkadot dress and lace tops in various sizes (SD/MSD etc.). Those of you who have been out with their sharp eyes... Continue Reading →

Monthly Update: August

Fresh start after the holiday travels around the country? I would expect so. At least my writing desk is full of sketches. In addition I have acquired some vintage laces and fabrics which I plan to use for some of the new designs. This month is also dedicated for a particular size - Lillycat Cerisedolls.... Continue Reading →

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