Valentine’s Day is coming

Valentine's Day It is February and time for hearts, chocolates, roses and cards. We in Finland don't have a very strong Valentine's Day tradition (to my knowledge) although shops are certainly taking all the commercial benefit they can get out of this special day. Tsukifly's contribution was to add new lace tops made with similar design as... Continue Reading →


Pullip fever and Tsukifly vintage month

Done and dusted. Oh? You would like to have a bit more to read than the headline and one sentence? Sure. I will gladly elaborate on that request. I haven't actually got any Pullip that was original release by Groove. However, I previously had a great fancy over the Red Riding Hood Pullip - still do actually.... Continue Reading →

Instagram & Volks Dollfie Dreams

Instagram my dear ladies and gentlemen! More updates for the new year! Tsukifly has an instagram account. I welcome everyone to follow as I intend to drop teasers of the new/on-going projects through that channel. One such teaser is already in, showing off the other new creation for the next Etsy update. I felt it... Continue Reading →

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