Autumn winds in September

After seeing all those nice pictures from Tracon weekend I have some regrets I couldn’t make it there. Perhaps next time.

Before outlining what’s new  I am flashing the possibility that I may be giving up on tiny size. I just can’t seem to get it work. Mina is lovely and cute but in the end I think it is the size. Funnily enough I seem to be interested by MSD size more and more. There are few MSD girls I am eyeing for (future plans perhaps?) Unoa, Fairyland and Volks are on my mind at the moment.

I better pray I don’t come up with any nice stories / characters / names for any new girls. If I do the game is usually already lost… So let’s change the topic!

New things for Tsukifly Etsy for September

I am finishing off three pairs of berry colored stockings for MSD size. This time they are lovely rich one color stockings without any pattern. Finished with lace and bow tie details. In addition there are is a pair of black lace stockings with green bow ties and one pair of those patterned stockings completed earlier. Explore here to see them more closely. All these designs are available also in Pullip/Blythe size (upon request for now).

My visiting mascot, Idaheika’s little Sheng assisted me with sewing (although I bet he

wouldn’t like to hear me call him little…) and is featuring the available colors / fabrics.

Midnight MSD dress shall be added to Etsy soon as well.  Sparkling with lace details, perfect for any party your doll is thinking to attend. However, more about that later.



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