Inspirational winds

May has probably been my most active month yet (!)

I have felt inspired as the weather has been amazing and everything has turned green and lively again. Spring is my favourite season, but transition to summer is wonderful as well. So I am enjoying my time fully.

The layout of the blog has changed as I wanted to change colors/pictures for it. An update on a header picture to reflect more of the blog’s all inclusive set of topics (everything doll related rather than only sewing/Tsukifly related news).

Tsukifly design plans

Ide’s Nomu (Leekeworld Kiko) got out of the box as I wanted to test an outfit design for her. She got a white lace top under her red vest and a cute red skirt with little hearts along with lace and ribbon details. A proper outfit for summer~ Pictures of the completed outfits available shortly~!

Few commissions are waiting for my attention and I would also like to try a summer dress for Freya at some point. When the time permits.


I had nearly concluded I shall give up with my Volks Dollfie Dream Saber as I could not quite come up a style/character for her. However, after getting a curly DH wig (which was planned for something else entirely) I ended up trying it out for her and bang. She looks so cute I cannot help but give her another chance to become part of my crew ;o; Rein ~

Tsukifly clothing rack

Tsukifly display. 

In my previous post I briefly displayed these lovely hangers I got. They go well together with my white rack and it so happens that all my racks are white… Other hangers I have are silver with a wider span, but I might do some adjustments on them later on.

A doll hideaway.

Where do you keep your dolls? Do you store them in their boxes or perhaps display all of them on a drawer or on some other piece of furniture?

I do all of those (confused?) simply because I prefer not to have all of them visibly on display all the time. Few are enough at any one time. Previously all the others (those not on display) were stored in their boxes but now I found out that I have a closet space where I can have them neatly on their stands without need to pack them up entirely. I am pretty happy about my discovery as you may imagine ~ Vanamo and Aya are there, exploring the new (darkish) space to keep them safe from bright sunlight. Rein is sitting on my writing desk and Freya has found her place on top of a pile of black hat boxes… Mina is in another closet with Ide‘s Bubbla, apparently exploring laces, papers and other stuff. Even those in the closet are now easily at hand when I wish to see them.

Tsukifly Etsy Shop

New things have been popping up in Etsy. First a candyish pink skirt set then two fluffy animal hats displayed by Rein and finally an MSD/MNF/Unoa sized cocktail dress for the summer (also shown above). The latest addition in the list is certainly my favorite.

What is coming up in June? I have plans to complete few dress sets, but the exact timing is still open. Additionally a new Pullip custom will be looking for a home within few weeks.


Where should I start? Previously I was thinking to maybe do few more customs at some point. Suddenly I find I have a pile of different plans, ideas etc. for Pullip customs that I would like to do. Some I would like to complete as fast as possible but due to time restraints it appears that one can be completed at a time. What I can reveal is that there will be a custom Pullip in Mocha color coming soon. Keywords for her are pink & bunny. Thus keep an eye on the Etsy shop! ^^





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