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I was tagged by Ide, my dear friend and the keeper of Cups of Resin BJD-blog.

To begin with I should say I haven’t really provided answers to these kind of questions previously anywhere so I think it is high time to answer them. Thus, thank you Ide for presenting such an interesting set of questions for me to answer! (Although even this took a while to answer…) At the same time this provides me a great reason to post something for the blog besides the Tsukifly related updates =^^=

The rules: 

  1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
  2. Post the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
  5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
  6. List these rules in your post.
  7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

The questions (by Ide)

I. When and how did you discover the hobby?

I was doing a presentation on Gothic Lolita all those years ago, in 2005 and happened to make a search for some pictures through Google. Among the relevant pictures there was a picture of Volks FCS custom girl made to look like Mana with Moi-même-Moitié styled clothing. That picture did not leave me alone and later I discovered Volks and some other dolls companies along with the general information of ABJDs.

II. What made you stay?

While I recognize I have had my active and inactive periods along all these years with BJDs I suppose I have always been able to discover something new within the hobby. Be that an activity to do with your dolls or changing the style of your existing dolls to something completely different I have never been bored with them. If nothing else they are a pleasure to look at.

III. How do you feel about the aging of BJDs (yellowing etc.)?

I do not consider it as a major problem although with white skin dolls the yellowing may not always come out in the best possible way. It is somewhat inevitable and it will not effect how I approach them. The reason why I would end up selling a doll would not have to do with its yellowing/aging but rather with other factors.

IV. Do your dolls have a common “theme” ( a common backstory, certain types of clothes etc.)?

I might have had a kind of common backstory at some point, but looking my doll crew how it is today, I think such a common backstory was lost somewhere along the way. Rather I should say that there are multiple stories, some dolls belong into one, while some other dolls belong to the other. Probably a good divider would be the nature of the dolls / stories. I suppose there is one greatly magical fantasy story with elfs, fauns and pixies alike and one closer to reality with only humans in it. My interest lies with the fantasy story and thus the other story has gone pretty much undeveloped other than gaining new characters. We will see how they develop in the future.

V. Do you prefer fullsets or customizing and why?

I prefer customizing, because only then you are able to make the doll to reflect your personal views of a character you have developed for that particular sculpt. I do have few fullsets but even they, although having a default face-up and clothing, have usually ended up looking quite different from what the doll looked in its fullset pictures. A good example of this is my Tori (Dollmore Cherry Dream Torrie). She was a fullset but my little dark lady hardly resembles the one shown in her promo pictures. She has transformed along the way.


VI. If you do customize, what is your favorite thing to shop for (i.e. wig, eyes etc.)? If you prefer fullsets, do you shop for props or similar things for you dolls?

Since I already stated I prefer to customize I think I can disregard the rest of the question and go for the first part of it. I think if I have to name something that would be wigs rather than eyes, but for the reason unknown, wigs are rather hard to select sometimes, it is not easy to picture how a certain colour may look and even if you thought something would be perfect you may well later discover this is not the case.

VII. Do you prefer certain size BJDs (YoSD, MSD, SD etc.) and why?

Previously I was mainly for SDs, because that seemed to be the size that worked for me but later my doll crew has developed in such a way that now it comprises of many different sizes, actually the more different sizes there are the better for Tsukifly as well.

VIII. Where do you find names for your dolls (if you name them at all)?

Various name sites. Sometimes it takes less time, sometimes more time and consideration. It is important for me that the names of my dolls reflect their characters in one way or another.

IX. Where do you display/store your dolls?

I do both, some are on display, others in their boxes/in a closet. I like to take turns with them and sometimes it is good to have a moment without seeing one or the other, because it is much more wonderful to display them again after a longer while.

X. What would you like to see created/improved on by doll companies/artists?

Such a hard question. I prefer to wait and see.

XI. Do you see the BJD community (online or IRL) as a significant part of your hobbying?

Yes and no. This depends how much time I have for the hobbying. I read DoA and national forums rather more regularly than meet people IRL, but this again is more time and place decision than anything else. But online forums are significant in the sense that it is nice to discuss about similar ideas, have a venue through which to exchange pictures, buy / sell and discuss. I suppose the answer depends on which one of the two (online or IRL) you mean.


I do not wish to point out any blogs in particular, since I hardly have time to read blogs on my free time (I plan to change this in the future). But I would like to take the opportunity and welcome those wishing to answer the following set of question to please do so. I look forward to your answers!

11 Questions

  1. Why are you a BJD hobbyist?
  2. Which doll model was the first one to catch you attention and why?
  3. Do you make a character for your doll/s before or after selecting a doll model?
  4. How many dolls you currently have?
  5. Have you set a threshold/limit to the amount of dolls you own?
  6. If you could buy all dolls on your wishlist what would the total be?
  7. What are the main things you like to do with your dolls?
  8. Have you learned new skills with dolls?
  9. Do your dolls age or have you fixed a specific age for them?
  10. Do your dolls have their own set of clothes or do they share everything?
  11. Do you like to have a lot of spare items to try out/change styles for your dolls or just a spare minimum?

Enjoy ~


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