Monthly update: May

I am back with both Pullip and BJD related news.

Glad to share with you that Sarinna (First Tsukifly custom pullip set) has found a new owner and encouraged by this I have sketched new plans for at least two new customs in the future. Themes for them are water and fluffy (I am aware these do not reveal very much..). However, first on the list is to acquire certain things for them before proceeding further.


I had a pleasure of completing a commission outfit for a Pullip. Colors included brown and white combination with lace details. Personally I am happy how it turned out with all its details. Later on it might just pop around as a part of a set.

Highlight of the week was when my dear friend Solarsenshi came to visit in Finland! Besides having a wonderful time (Thank you dear!) we had a meet-up and interesting food experiences. I received amazing gifts as well. So cute! My wish included Haagsche Hopjes, those wonderful coffee candies from the Hague (I am finally able to fill their respective box). Super happy about everything. Really cute flower dress in SD size will fit most of my girls and will be great for the coming summer – I think I have a matching straw hat somewhere… Few pairs of amazingly detailed (and so small!) Pullip sSAMSUNG CSChoes!



Souldoll is taking ages (or it certainly feels like it) as I would be happy to receive my new MSD model home right about now. Not even sure if the whole of the waiting time has already elapsed (probably not) but somehow the waiting feels loooong. It has been a while since I have waited for a doll straight from a company… Her name will be Lunetta but it remains to be seen how she will fit in with my other girls.

Other updates: A Soom Sweet Witch (Grey skin) and Fairyland Minifee Mio (Normal Skin) are actively searching for new homes (through Den of Angels) as they do not seem to find their place within the crew. Freya is in need for a wig that would be in the right size. Vanamo got a super cute bunny cape and there is a lovely milk wig for some future plans.

I updated pictures of some of the Tsukifly headbands. Perfect for a complete summer look. Some of the pieces are available through Etsy, more will be added later.

To come: I will update few random shots of my girls later. To make a sort of introduction to their current looks. There is also a commission for Leekeworld Art body in progress… Inspirational times. Few ideas for accessories I need to try out…

Thank you for reading!



3 thoughts on “Monthly update: May

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  1. I just realized through Irene’s blog that you have a blog as well! I’ll be stalking from now on~ x3

    It was great meeting you in the mini meetup! ♥

    Which doll are you waiting for from Souldoll btw? I just got my Aehael a few weeks ago, though I ordered her in December ^^; They seem to be dealing with lots of orders now, due to Aehael and Junia being extremely popular and the introduction of Tera Zenith boy and Vito girl. Hope you get your girl home soon, can’t wait to see your pics of her 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, indeed! ^^
      It was lovely to meet you and it was a wonderful mini meetup!

      Lunetta is also to be Aehael, just could not help but to fall in love with that combination of faun ears and MSD size. My order was also made in December. In general I do not mind the wait, but now I am starting to get anxious as I would like to see how she fits in with my other girls. All in good time I suppose. I am looking forward to see how your girl turns out and maybe we should could have an Aehael meet-up later on 😉


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