Winds of relocation


The feeling when several things are happening at once.

For Tsukifly the year 2016 seems to be a year of transformation. Since Tsukifly’s official establishment in May 2013 the brand has experienced more active periods as well as periods of total silence. As Tsukifly creations are directly connected to it’s creator’s situation in life, the less active periods are those with high professional / study activity. The balance has finally been found (more or less) so that neither the professional life or the Tsukifly would need to be left completely on its own.

As a platform for Tsukifly blog I have now decided to go for and thus I will cease to update the old Tsukifly blog previously located at blogspot. I find WordPress blog easier to customize, maintain and review.

tsukiflyI stated my ambitious plan to update the blog at least once a month along with at least one new creation. Looking at my design plans I can promise that sizes will vary, materials will vary and each dress set will be OOAK. I will include my doll related planning among the posts about Tsukifly so that this blog willc continue to be about dolls in general, my plans related to them and Tsukifly designs.

Even before this first blog post at Worldpress, I took another leap of faith and established the long planned Etsy shop for Tsukifly. Therefore Tsukifly at Etsy is now a reality and I intend to update the shop regularly with new designs. Please note that regarding the Tsukifly creations I may also be contacted elsewhere before I can make them available at Etsy in which case certain OOAK sets may never appear in Etsy. Thus, if you are interested in something please contact me.

Airy dress set for tiny/YO-SD (now at Etsy) is the newest creation of Tsukifly. The set includes the dress with cute details and a flower headpiece. A pattern fabric bloomers are also a new piece made last weekend, the same size appears to fit tiny/Yo-sd, Dust of Dolls and Minifee sized dolls. Similar bloomers will be seen as a part of Tsukifly designs as well as a separate mix & match piece. I am also in the process of making a functional design for SD, Cerisedolls and Supergem sized dolls.

If you wish to know more about Tsukifly and the doll family (the dolls that appear as Tsukifly models) please take a look at the ‘About Me‘ page. While I am generally not very good at updating anything I intent to keep this page up-to-date. The doll family has experienced some changes over the years as my plans for the dolls have changed. I am also determined to keep the size of my collection at around 10. However, if you do not find information and you would like to know something, about a specific doll or a piece of clothing etc. please contact me and I will be happy to tell you more.

This is pretty much everything for the first blog post in this new location. Rather general recap of everything to start with. Following this blog post any new updates will now start to appear here from this day onward. I would thus recommend the followers of the blogspot blog to update their bookmarks.



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